New challenges of governance in the Galician cities of Eixo Atlantico.

A critical analysis of public services and administrative structures can encourage a responsible and sustainable management of the territory.

There are in Galicia urban conflicts which come from the lack of governance and the incoherence of territorial policies. The problems in urban growth, infrastructure development policies, urban mobility, local cooperation and competencies should be studied to face them with a participative and democratic approach.

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// urban & territorial governance
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Geography Dept., USC

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Original title of research project:
Nuevos retos de gobernanza en las ciudades gallegas del Eixo Atlántico. Búsqueda de la sostenibilidad en la gestión del territorio.

Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación.

USC research team:
Román Rodríguez
José Antonio Aldrey
Miguel Pazos

Collaborating entities.:
USC, Univ. of Santiago de Compostela.
Uniovi, Univ. of Oviedo.
USAL, Univ. of Salamanca.
UAM, Univ. Autónoma Madrid.
UC3M, Univ. Carlos III.
UV, Univ. of Valencia.



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